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Mezcal vs. Tequila: National Mexican Liquor Faces Stiff Competition

Move over, Tequila – the national liquor of Mexico has enjoyed the spotlight for generations, but the distilled alcoholic drink made from blue agave is now facing sibling rivalry from its historically less appreciated relative, Mezcal. Nahuatl for “oven cooked agave”, Mezcal or Mescal, like Tequila, comes from agave – a succulent plant resembling aloe […]

Video – How To Drink Mezcal

Here is a nice video about ‘How to drink Mezcal’ made by people who obviously appreciate the the wonderful Tastes and flavors of a good Mezcal. In this case Illegal Mezcal:

New Category in NOM 70 for Ancestral Mezcal

Many feel NOM 70 achieves most of the goals that the mezcal world, from small palenqueros to global consumers, have articulated over the past three years. Many feel NOM 199 Here are some excellent articles about the popular NOM 70 and the seemingly not so popular NOM 199 Here is a the President […]

Alvin Starkman – A Oaxaca Tour Operator & Mezcal aficionado

In December 2015 I was privileged to meet Alvin Starkman. He is a businessman and tour operator in Oaxaca who I believe truly appreciate the city and the people of Oaxaca and the mask out industry. He owns and operates Casa Machaya Oaxaca a B&B and if you want to know about Mezcal he is […]

Mezcal is not Tequila

“Mezcal is not tequila yet tequila is Mezcal” All mezcals are made from agave plants; tequila is made from one particular species—the blue agave—while smokier mezcals are made from one of the other 150 agave species native to Mexico. Tequila is technically a mezcal, however, there are differences in production technique and in the types […]

How to serve Mezcal – Sal de Gusano

Occasionally the literal translation really does work the best. Sal de Guano gets us mostly there with “worm salt.” Sal de gusano is actually ground up salt, dried worms, and peppers. You see it everywhere in Oaxaca. It’s sold in small bags by elderly women around the market, in huge piles within markets, and it […]

What to Look For on the Label

WHAT TO LOOK FOR ON THE LABEL The Name of the Plant A good mezcal will tell you the names of the agaves used to make the spirit. Espadín is the heartiest of the agaves and produces some of the best mezcal. Wild Tobalá, Tobaziche, Madrecuixe, Tripón, Verde, and Barril are other well-regarded agaves. The […]

Mezcal Compared to Tequila and Wine

You’ve probably tried mezcal, even if you didn’t realize it at the time. “Tequila is mezcal,” says Yira Vallejo, director of Mezcal From Oaxaca. “But mezcal is not tequila.” All mezcals are made from agave plants; tequila is made from one particular species—the blue agave—while smokier mezcals are made from one of the other 150 […]

What Is Mezcal!

Of course, the most basic questions are: What is mezcal? The word mezcal comes from the Nahuatl words ‘metl’ and ‘ixcalli’, which taken together mean “oven cooked agave.” The Spaniards were the first to distill cooked Agave, around the 16th Century, although Mezcal was the first spirit distilled. Mezcal is made from the agave plant. […]

Rethink the Worm

The truth about the legend of the worm is still debated. However, as Mezcal becomes more and more popular, scientists and Chemists are finding some validity in some of the legends about the worm. Seems the worm isn’t just a Gringo marketing tool but that it actually changes the drinks chemistry. The claim that it […]

Caution: It's said 'for everything there is Mezcal' but we add 'except for one thing' - getting drunk. Please drink responsibly. The most accurate and dependable book on living life at its fullest says 'wine (or Mezcal) makes the heart rejoice' and 'makes life enjoyable' (Ps 104:15; Ec 10:19) but overindulgence can certainly lead to harm (Pr 23:29-31)! If you drink at all please drink in moderation! (Quotes from NWT)