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eMezcal and associates, along with many other travel companions, have traveled extensively in Mexico for years. We love the country and the people. We love the sights sounds and flavors of Mexico and especially the city and state of Oaxaca.

As connoisseurs of Mezcal go we are relatively new on the Mezcal scene but we're learning and we want to share our knowledge of everything that has to do with Mezcal as we explore Oaxaca and the product, the culture and the history behind agave and artisanal Mezcal.

The world of mezcal as experienced in Oaxaca is certainly mysteries and complex and we consider it a privilege and a worthy and important challenge to explore and expose the good, the bad and the ugly of the business of Mezcal.

Until your able to visit Oaxaca yourself, please allow eMezcal to be your online guide to the wonderful city and state of Oaxaca and everything in it that has anything to do with Mezcal.

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  • MisMezcales Miscalenas

    Absolutely a must place to visit and sip and buy Mezcal when in Oaxaca City. Small yet big in unique Mezcal selections and gift items. Shop by the brand and/or the type agave. When it comes to agave and Mezcal production and distillation they know their stuff here. On Calle de Reforma across the street […]

  • Mezcal ‘Don Agave’

    In Oaxaca City near the Santo Domingo Cultural Center is a little ‘inside the mall’ mezcal store called ‘Mezcal Don Agave’. Yes I said Mall. A mini-mall and a great find for buying some quality Mezcal. It was fun shopping and a very pleasant experience. Colorful and unique items. If your ever in Oaxaca givem’ […]

  • El Rey Zapoteco- El Rey Matatln

    Two favorites of ours. One reason is our friend and guide for the day, Miguel, introduced us to two spectacular markets and palenques 1) El Rey Zapoteco Fabrica de Mezcal and 2) El Rey Matatln. Two different locations, two different brands with lots of variety and selections but maybe one in the same producers and distributers […]

  • La Mezcalerita

    They have an amazing mezcal selection and a cool atmosphere. Most of the staff really knows their stuff when it comes to Mezcal and were willing to spend some quality time explaining the who, what, where and when about Mezcal.

  • La Ingrata Maiz y Malta

    La Ingrata a Fantastic little hole in the wall! OK maybe it’s not a hole in the wall since its on Morelos a main street in Oaxaca and not far from down town. OK and maybe its not little since it has a upstairs play room and shares downstairs with a quaint little restaurant El […]

  • Real Matlatl

    Real Matlatl Mezcal has a store front and palenque in Santiago Matatlan. Clean well operated operation. They have a large variety of Mezcals made from common and not so common agave. It worth mentioning that the owners were very very hospitable and spent a lot of time with us which meant a lot to us […]

  • Sabina Sabe Picas Mezcal

    Sabina Sabe my first impression was wow what a places. A lot of little hid away covey holes all over the place and all unique and inviting. Some rooms held various brands of Mezcal Behind steal bars like little Bandits. Other rooms were open and cosey in a very Mexican sort of way. All were […]

  • El Destilado

    A small kinda outa the way little Mezcalera and eatery that’s making a name for themselves in a good way. In appreciation for all things made from Agave including the many drink possibilities Mezcal affords. Drink Mezcal traditional or flavor it up some in a true Oaxacan manner according to various traditions and recipes developed […]

  • Los Danzantes

    Los Danzantes has a lot going for it.  A good location, unique ambiance, great food,  really good service and a great selection of Mezcal.  Actually my bride and I both agreed that their own brand of Mezcal is if not the best at least one of the best we’ve tasted in Oaxaca. They have a […]

  • In Situ

        In Situ!  A special little Mezcaleria situated on one of the main streets in Oaxaca, Morelos No. 511 Centro, is owned and operated by especially gifted historians and connoisseurs of Mezcal. It’s all about tradition and information here !  It’s all about the Mezcal so don’t ask for Gustavo salt and orange slices to […]

  • La Mezcalera

    The La Mezcalera boarders one of many small parks in Oaxaca centro. Near Tempo de Santo Domingo, a church known for its Agave plaza.  This area is very popular with young people but none seem to be trying to crash the Mezcal bars. To date the Mezcal I enjoyed here was the smoothest I have enjoyed […]

  • Txalaparta Bar & Restaurant

    The Txalaparta Bar & Restaurant  (see Facebook page)you situated in the walking or tourist part of town.  It’s surrounded by many good restaurants and mescalerias.  It is unique in many respects especially the menu presentation, the decorum and it’s extensive selection of Mezcals for you to enjoy. The Txalaparta is a very popular Mezcal bar and […]

  • Alvin Starkman / Casa Machaya Oaxaca / Mezcal Educational Tours

    Alvin Starkman draws upon his years of traveling to and living in Oaxaca, and his training as a social anthropologist, to help him write interesting and informative articles about the city and surrounding valleys. His subject matter is rarely covered in tour books or on the web. Alvin leads couples and small families on day […]

  • Locations Map for Sampling Mezcal in Oaxaca

    SAMPLING MEZCAL IN OAXACA Popular locations in Oaxaca to enjoy Mezcal mapped out for your convenience. Fortunately there’s something of a renaissance in mezcalerias in Oaxaca so you can get a great sense for the variety at any one of these 14 locations in Oaxaca. There’s no better place to fine-tune your taste buds to […]

  • A Few Oaxaca Watering Holes

    Gotta love Oaxaca and especially the variety of watering holes and restaurants that serve Mezcal in Oaxaca. Here are a few. Savoring the many tastes and flavors of Mezcal in Oaxaca is fun, safe and affordable. More to be list soon! Where to drink the local spirit when visiting Oaxaca The number of mezcalerías in Oaxaca, […]

Caution: It's said 'for everything there is Mezcal' but we add 'except for one thing' - getting drunk. Please drink responsibly. The most accurate and dependable book on living life at its fullest says 'wine (or Mezcal) makes the heart rejoice' and 'makes life enjoyable' (Ps 104:15; Ec 10:19) but overindulgence can certainly lead to harm (Pr 23:29-31)! If you drink at all please drink in moderation! (Quotes from NWT)