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About Mezcal is truly a page dedicated to everything about Mezcal. From this one page you have easy access to articles, photos and information that could take a lot of time and effort to otherwise find elsewhere. In other words, Everything Mezcal has done the research for you and included it on this page. Enjoy!

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  • Why Pulque Matters

    Why Pulque Matters – A Mezcalistas Article Pulque has a long and storied place in Mexican history and agave mythology, it being the original agave beverage. Long celebrated for its powerful properties, it was considered an elixir of the gods and was revered for millennia. Since 1941, consumption of pulque has been increasingly lapped by beer […]

  • Finding the “right” mezcal

    Finding the “right” mezcal See full Article and Ads here Mezcalistas; August 24, 2021 | Susan Coss The single most common question we hear at tastings, on social media, you name it is “What’s the best mezcal?” The second most common is “What is the right mezcal that I should be drinking?” Both are loaded terms […]

  • The Return of Mexico in a Bottle

      The Return of Mexico in a Bottle It is with tremendous joy that we say Mexico in a Bottle is returning! Our first event in 2021 will be a virtual one on June 13th. Why virtual? Well, the fact is even as the country begins to re-open, tasting events will be the last type […]

  • George Clooney is coming for your mezcal

    Mezcalistas George Clooney is coming for your mezcal Max Garrone | Mezcalistas These guys are coming to an espadin field near you. In this interview with Gotham Magazine, Rande Berber, George Clooney’s business partner in Casamigos Tequila, mentions that they’re launching a mezcal label. He doesn’t offer many specifics, just this exchange: You recently sold […]

  • Slow Drinking: The Art of Drinking Mezcal in Oaxaca

    Slow Drinking: The Art of Sipping at Oaxaca’s Best Mezcalerias BY MARÍA ÍTAKA APRIL 2, 2021 Years ago, we were traveling with a friend through Belgium during a particularly cold spring when, after a long day, we decided to warm up at a local bar. We were happy – and a bit surprised – to […]

  • The Best of the Best About Mezcal ‘Mezcalistas’

    EverythingMezcal is honored to introduce Mezcal lovers to The Best of the Best About Mezcal ‘Mezcalistas’ Mezcalistas is dedicated to raising awareness about mezcal all over the world, one copita at a time. Enjoy and savor its Blog / Articles about Mezcal Life, What To Drink & Where To Drink EverythingMezcal totally agrees with the […]

  • Everything Mezcal Oaxaca Photo Album

    Enjoy eMezcals photos taken over the years with several trips to Oaxaca the Mezcal capital of the world.

  • A Jewel of a Mezcal Bar in Tucson

    Several weeks ago eMezcal and friends did a Tucson weekend at the Agave Heritage Festival hosted by the Hotel Congress. Hats off the staff of Hotel Congress for working so hard to put on a fun and informative festival on everything agave…. so it’s only right Everything Mezcal was in attendance. eMezcal did a quick […]

  • Blind Tasting: Agave Tobala Mezcals

    This excellent Mezcal Reviews artice about my favorite agave Tobala mezcals really caught my attention and rightly so. It’s well written and fun to read. One point I especially appreciated that he made and I quote: Given all of the news from Oaxaca about the rarity of agave Tobala, you might think that Tobala mezcals […]

  • 5 Types Agave Used to Make Mezcal

    In this article by Food Republic entitled ‘Get To Know 5 Types Of Mezcal’ the writer Chantal Martineau does a fine job of explaining the 5 main types of Agave used in distilling Mezcal. Along with each type Agave discussed the writer also suggested a bottle of Mezcal made from that specific agave. Enjoy Espadín: […]

  • 5 Most Common Types Of Agave Used to Make Mezcal.

    Below are the major types of Agave commonly used to make Mezcal. They are based off of the type of agave used to make the drink. Espadín Easily 90% of all Mezcal is made from this type of agave. It grows in many different areas, both wild and farmed. There is no way to pinpoint […]

  • A Guide to the Agave Used For Mezcal

    For those connoisseurs of Mezcal who choose their Mezcal by the type of agave used to make it Drinkhacker posted a great article just for you. The post is titled ‘A Field Guide to the Agave Used For Mezcal’, explaining in details the strength of each species of agave used to produce Mezcal. As the […]

  • Forbes 17 Best Mezcals – Good Read

    Excellent April 2018 Forbes Article introducing what two devotees of Mezcal feel are the top 17 Mezcals and why! The article does fall short in that it seldom mentions the type of agave the Mezcals they are rating was produced from. For me that a MUST to know.

  • Unique Gift Items by Everything Mezcal

    Everything Mezcals Own Little Gift Store. All items are unique and one of a kind! Select a Cap, Cup or Bag design or select a logo you like to add to your own tee shirt. Have fun!

  • About ‘Everything Mezcal’ from the Originator of this Site

    My bride and I, along with many other travel companions, have traveled extensively in Mexico for years. We love the country and the people. We love the sights sounds and flavors of Mexico. I like a good, cold Mexican beer almost as much as I like Mezcal. Actually I haven’t drank a so-called domestic beer […]

  • Does Big Tequila Have It In for Small-Batch Mezcal?

    A good and accurate article written by Chantel Martineau in Food Republic about Tequila verses Mezcal titled ‘Does Big Tequila Have It In for Small-Batch Mezcal?’ Here is a quote from that article: “Mezcal is easy to love. People are taken in by the history and heritage of it,” says Francisco Terrazas, brand ambassador for […]

  • 1000 Corks Discovers Mezcal

    About 1000 Corks: Wine is the love of their life but Mezcal is beginning to stir some powerful, yet welcome, emotions also! Luckily, having run one of the largest Linux server companies, Sam Ockman, owner of 1000 Corks, had some experience in building out distributed computer clusters: so he started writing a program that would […]

  • MEZCAL: I am your father! TEQUILA: Nooooooo!

    Found this Great little gif on the relationship between Mezcal and Tequila. So true…. Translated: Mezcal – I’m your Father; Tequila – Noooo! Sorry big T but he is…..  

  • Wake Up You Online Vendors Who Offer Mezcal!

    eMezcal recently (end of April 2016) sent out a request to Mezcal vendors to try and get a read on their top sellers. We’re really disappointed that none have replied as of yet. See list below – all links and data about each vendor have been removed. Such information could have served them well had […]

  • WARNING: View at your own risk! The Mezcal Worm is ready!

    The stories about the Mezcal worm are ever growing…. I mean literally growing. However nothing was really documented until now…. Position cursor over or click & view this image long enough and let us know! Does this happen to the worm in the bottle or in you stomach or just in your mind?

  • Locations to Drink Mezcal in Oaxaca

    SAMPLING MEZCAL IN OAXACA Popular locations in Oaxaca to enjoy Mezcal mapped out for your convenience. Fortunately there’s something of a renaissance in mezcalerias in Oaxaca so you can get a great sense for the variety at any one of these 14 locations in Oaxaca. There’s no better place to fine-tune your taste buds to […]

  • Agave Plant Photos – Compliments Del Maguey Mezcal

    A  collection of Photos of Agave’s used by Del Maguey to produce if not the best some of the best Mezcal available.

  • Best Site to Buy Mezcal Items Novelties Gifts

    The Very Best All in One Mezcal Gift Shop. Buy pre-designed items or design your own. The most unique one of a kind gift and design shop ever for Everything Mezcal. To design your own you can SHOP BY ITEM: T-Shirts, Hoodies, Ladies styles, Youth/Baby, Organic Apparel, Tote Bags, Device Cases, Device Skins, Art Prints, Skateboards, Stickers, Drinkware, Wall Decals, Posters, Accessories, All Over Printed T-Shirts, Hats, Sportswear, Metal photo prints, Custom Socks, Home Decor, Leggings – Multiple Items […]

  • Mezcal Slogans and Quotes

    Mezcal Quotes. Quotes about Mezcal that are relevant, true, humorous and some with a touch of genius. Enjoy! Mezcal Sayings: Anyone can drink Mezcal but it takes intelligence to enjoy Mezcal For everything wrong and for everything right – Mezcal Mezcal – For everything wrong and for everything right For everything wrong – Mezcal – […]

  • Print Unique Super Cool Designs On Almost Any Item

    eMezcal is so very proud to introduce our readers to a ‘One of a Kind’ print shop where you can print the most unique, super cool designs found anywhere on almost any item. Please join eMezcal promoting the most misunderstood spirit every distilled. New designs with Mezcal quotes added almost daily. Everything Mezcal Design and […]

  • Books on Amazon About Mezcal

    We’ve done the research or I should say search for you. Here is a list considered good reading about Mezcal. Books Mezcal Amazon Here are some good books on and about Mezcal.

  • Mezcal Bars Oaxaca

    Gotta love Oaxaca and especially the variety of watering holes and restaurants that serve Mezcal in Oaxaca. Here are a few. Savoring the many tastes and flavors of Mezcal in Oaxaca is fun, safe and affordable. More to be list soon! Where to drink the local spirit when visiting Oaxaca The number of mezcalerías in Oaxaca, […]

  • Where to Buy Mezcal Online

    Some top Mezcal distributors that you can purchase Mezcal from online.  This list is a work in progress and will eventually have more details about the Brands and their products that they carry. 20 Mezcal Vendors NOT listed in order of preference. a true Mercado for Mezcal. Over 70 Brands from many Producers. […]

  • sal de gusano

    sal de gusano. The phrase means “worm salt,” but it’s really caterpillar salt—with, yes, actual critters roasted & ground up along with chiles. Before pounding each shot, we wet our fingers, dipped them into the bag, & licked—to get an excellently bracing sensation of earthy, spicy seasoning, no more, no less. It’s also popular to […]

  • Artisanal Mezcal Goes Vogue

    “There is this romantic quality to it,” says Ivy Mix, a partner in Leyenda, a new cocktail bar in Brooklyn inspired by Latin American flavors. “Mezcal tastes rustic, like it has a story behind it. You look at pictures of the guy and his burro out in the agave fields and it looks like a […]

  • 2016 Mezcal Fair Oaxaca

    There are many other events that take place in Oaxaca during the two weeks of the Guelaguetza festival, including concerts, exhibits, conferences and the International Mezcal Fair where you can sample different varieties of this alcoholic drink. Founded in 1997 this event is for lovers of the traditional Mexican drink, with competitions, traditional dances and […]

  • Names of Mezcal by Region

    MEZCAL is the name given to any beverage obtained by distillation of fermented juices from an agave plant. Depending on the region, it has been given different names. In Sonora it is called Bacanora (agave potatorum o yaquiana); in Yucatán, Xtabentun; in Michoacán its name is Charanda (it can be identified by a sugar cane […]

  • 10 Things You Should Know About Mezcal

    1. The word “mezcal” comes from the Aztec word mexcalli, which combines metl (meaning maguey, aka agave) and ixcalli (meaning cooked). The literal translation of mezcal is “cooked agave.” 2. Mezcal is not a type of tequila—tequila is actually a type of mezcal. Mezcal refers to any alcohol made from agave, whereas tequila is made […]

  • The Mezcal Legend

    The legend tells us that there once was a cold and sober, and very generous goddess. Her body was like the trunk of the agave, but instead of leaves she had 40,000 breasts. From her breasts flowed the elixir drunk by those that venerated her; she was Mayatl, Zapotec goddess of mezcal. Cold and untouchable, […]

  • Is Mezcal, the ‘moonshine of Mexico,’?

    The NY Times printed a articles recently that stated, and I quote: ‘Mezcal, the ‘moonshine of Mexico,’ grows in appreciation, availability’ Well is it? Here is a copy of the text of the article. Read it and judge for yourself. Across the Table: Aficionados, such as Del Maguey founder Ron Cooper, use vintner terms to […]

  • Mezcal vs. Tequila: National Mexican Liquor Faces Stiff Competition

    Move over, Tequila – the national liquor of Mexico has enjoyed the spotlight for generations, but the distilled alcoholic drink made from blue agave is now facing sibling rivalry from its historically less appreciated relative, Mezcal. Nahuatl for “oven cooked agave”, Mezcal or Mescal, like Tequila, comes from agave – a succulent plant resembling aloe […]

  • Video – How To Drink Mezcal

    Here is a nice video about ‘How to drink Mezcal’ made by people who obviously appreciate the the wonderful Tastes and flavors of a good Mezcal. In this case Illegal Mezcal:

  • New Category in NOM 70 for Ancestral Mezcal

    Many feel NOM 70 achieves most of the goals that the mezcal world, from small palenqueros to global consumers, have articulated over the past three years. Many feel NOM 199 Here are some excellent articles about the popular NOM 70 and the seemingly not so popular NOM 199 Here is a the President […]

  • Maguey, Agave Americana, Century Plant, American Aloe

    Maguey or Agave americana is a native plant from Mexico, and it is now cultivated in many parts of the world. This plant, also known as the century plant or American aloe, is neither an aloe nor a cactus, as it is sometimes erroneously believed, but instead is a member of the Agavaceae family. Maguey […]

  • The Many Uses of Agave

      William H. Prescott wrote in 1843: But the miracle of nature was the great Mexican aloe, or maguey, whose clustering pyramids of flowers, towering above their dark coronals of leaves, were seen sprinkled over many a broad acre of the table-land. As we have already noticed its bruised leaves afforded a paste from which […]

  • Alvin Starkman – A Oaxaca Tour Operator & Mezcal aficionado

    In December 2015 I was privileged to meet Alvin Starkman. He is a businessman and tour operator in Oaxaca who I believe truly appreciate the city and the people of Oaxaca and the mask out industry. He owns and operates Casa Machaya Oaxaca a B&B and if you want to know about Mezcal he is […]

  • Mezcal is not Tequila

    “Mezcal is not tequila yet tequila is Mezcal” All mezcals are made from agave plants; tequila is made from one particular species—the blue agave—while smokier mezcals are made from one of the other 150 agave species native to Mexico. Tequila is technically a mezcal, however, there are differences in production technique and in the types […]

  • How to serve Mezcal – Sal de Gusano

    Occasionally the literal translation really does work the best. Sal de Guano gets us mostly there with “worm salt.” Sal de gusano is actually ground up salt, dried worms, and peppers. You see it everywhere in Oaxaca. It’s sold in small bags by elderly women around the market, in huge piles within markets, and it […]

  • What to Look For on the Label

    WHAT TO LOOK FOR ON THE LABEL The Name of the Plant A good mezcal will tell you the names of the agaves used to make the spirit. Espadín is the heartiest of the agaves and produces some of the best mezcal. Wild Tobalá, Tobaziche, Madrecuixe, Tripón, Verde, and Barril are other well-regarded agaves. The […]

  • Mezcal Compared to Tequila and Wine

    You’ve probably tried mezcal, even if you didn’t realize it at the time. “Tequila is mezcal,” says Yira Vallejo, director of Mezcal From Oaxaca. “But mezcal is not tequila.” All mezcals are made from agave plants; tequila is made from one particular species—the blue agave—while smokier mezcals are made from one of the other 150 […]

  • What Is Mezcal!

    Of course, the most basic questions are: What is mezcal? The word mezcal comes from the Nahuatl words ‘metl’ and ‘ixcalli’, which taken together mean “oven cooked agave.” The Spaniards were the first to distill cooked Agave, around the 16th Century, although Mezcal was the first spirit distilled. Mezcal is made from the agave plant. […]

  • Rethink the Worm

    The truth about the legend of the worm is still debated. However, as Mezcal becomes more and more popular, scientists and Chemists are finding some validity in some of the legends about the worm. Seems the worm isn’t just a Gringo marketing tool but that it actually changes the drinks chemistry. The claim that it […]

  • How to serve Mezcal – The Vessel

    The time, effort, and passion necessary to produce artisanal mezcal means it should be consumed thoughtfully. Producers and enthusiasts agree that mezcal should be sipped neat or in a cocktail, never as a shot, but it’s less clear what glassware or vessel to use. Through our travels and tasting experience, we’ve discovered three main trends. […]

Caution: It's said 'for everything there is Mezcal' but we add 'except for one thing' - getting drunk. Please drink responsibly. The most accurate and dependable book on living life at its fullest says 'wine (or Mezcal) makes the heart rejoice' and 'makes life enjoyable' (Ps 104:15; Ec 10:19) but overindulgence can certainly lead to harm (Pr 23:29-31)! If you drink at all please drink in moderation! (Quotes from NWT)