A Few Oaxaca Watering Holes

Gotta love Oaxaca and especially the variety of watering holes and restaurants that serve Mezcal in Oaxaca. Here are a few. Savoring the many tastes and flavors of Mezcal in Oaxaca is fun, safe and affordable. More to be list soon!

mezcalistas.com Where to drink the local spirit when visiting Oaxaca

The number of mezcalerías in Oaxaca, as well as bars in the city specializing in artisanal LaCasaDelMezcalOaxacamezcals, has been increasing virtually every couple of months for a few years now.

Drinking mezcal in Oaxaca, Mexico, is like popping open a bottle of Champagne in Reims, or sipping a pint of Guinness in Dublin

Here are three Oaxaca watering holes where you can go from a mezcal novice to a bonafide mezcal appreciator

A few more popular Mezcal watering holes in MezcalilleraBarOaxaca with maps for direction.

Mezcaleria Cuish

Casa De Los Perros

Mezcal Oro De Oaxaca

Unión De Palenqueros De Oaxaca

Mezcalillera_ La miscelánea del mezcal



Caution: It's said 'for everything there is Mezcal' but we add 'except for one thing' - getting drunk. Please drink responsibly. The most accurate and dependable book on living life at its fullest says 'wine (or Mezcal) makes the heart rejoice' and 'makes life enjoyable' (Ps 104:15; Ec 10:19) but overindulgence can certainly lead to harm (Pr 23:29-31)! If you drink at all please drink in moderation! (Quotes from NWT)