sal de gusano

sal de gusano.

The phrase means “worm salt,” but it’s really caterpillar salt—with, yes, actual critters roasted CHINICUIL-SALT-sal de gusano& ground up along with chiles. Before pounding each shot, we wet our fingers, dipped them into the bag, & licked—to get an excellently bracing sensation of earthy, spicy seasoning, no more, no less. It's also popular to dip a orange slice or wedge into the sal de guano as you sip fine artisanal Mezcal.

You could sprinkle this stuff on scrambled eggs, incorporate it in a steak rub, do anything else you’re inclined to do with seasoned salt & no worm-fearer would be the wiser BUT it's especially a favorite of drinkers of Mezcal.

sal de gusano w/orange wedges w/Mezcal

Caution: It's said 'for everything there is Mezcal' but we add 'except for one thing' - getting drunk. Please drink responsibly. The most accurate and dependable book on living life at its fullest says 'wine (or Mezcal) makes the heart rejoice' and 'makes life enjoyable' (Ps 104:15; Ec 10:19) but overindulgence can certainly lead to harm (Pr 23:29-31)! If you drink at all please drink in moderation! (Quotes from NWT)