A Jewel of a Mezcal Bar in Tucson

Several weeks ago eMezcal and friends did a Tucson weekend at the Agave Heritage Festival hosted by the Hotel Congress. Hats off the staff of Hotel Congress for working so hard to put on a fun and informative festival on everything agave.... so it's only right Everything Mezcal was in attendance.

eMezcal did a quick post on our Facebook page in May of 2019 about a Jewel of a find in Tucson.

I often remember with pleasure the Exo Bar in Tucson but it's especially on our mind this week since being as how the eMezcal crew will visiting Tucson, Palm Springs, LA and Las Vegas over the next few weeks expecting a new Mezcal Adventure at each location and even places in-between. Tune back in later for the details....


Photos below were taken at the festival and Exo Bar.


Caution: It's said 'for everything there is Mezcal' but we add 'except for one thing' - getting drunk. Please drink responsibly. The most accurate and dependable book on living life at its fullest says 'wine (or Mezcal) makes the heart rejoice' and 'makes life enjoyable' (Ps 104:15; Ec 10:19) but overindulgence can certainly lead to harm (Pr 23:29-31)! If you drink at all please drink in moderation! (Quotes from NWT)